Swing Manouche

Swing Manouche

  • Location:Huddersfield
  • Venue:Café Society
  • Length:02:00 pm – 04:00 pm

Come join us in Café Society for the second of our acts as part of our Spring & Summer 2019 season.  Huddersfield Jazz and Café Society are proud to present Swing Manouche.


Swing Manouche were formed by Mick Shoulder, the leader and songwriter of former gypsy jazz outfit “Djangologie”.  Continuing to work with guitarist Giles Strong he recruited clarinet and bass to form a band based upon Django Reinhardt’s second group; the Nouveau Quintette du Hot Club de France.

Giving a slightly harder and more modern edge to the music than his previous ensemble, Swing Manouche are a hard swinging gypsy jazz outfit.  Authentic originals are still very much a main ingredient but Swing Manouche are as likely to take from more modern gypsy players as well as Django and traditional musette.


Mick Shoulder – Guitar
Giles Strong – Guitar
Gavin Lee – Clarinet
Paul Grainger – Double bass

Social Media:

Website – www.swingmanouche.org
Facebook – facfacebook.com/MickShouldersSwingManouche